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Home Party FAQ 

Below you will find our most frequently asked questions concerning our sensual home parties... however, please feel free to email us at if your question is not anwered here.  We will get back to you with your answer quite fast!!

  • How do I book a Sensual Sizzles home party?
    You may book a Sensual Sizzles home party by filling out our online form, by sending us a request at or by phoning us as 514-706-9223  back to top

  • How long does each party last?
    Usually a party will last for about 3 hours. We always leave some time at the end of the party for questions and ordering  back to top

  • What types of home parties does Sensual Sizzles do?
    For any type of gathering, a Sensual Sizzles home party demonstration is a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening. Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties, Engagement, Divorce Parties, "I'm Single" Parties... or just to get together and have a blast, while learning about different sensual products and sex toys.  back to top

  • What types of products will you show at my home party?
    The first part of your home party consists of "Sensual" products... lotions, lubricants, massage oil, massage oil candles, coupons, games, etc. The second part of your home party consists of the "Sizzles" products...vibrators, dildos, anal toys, BDSM, toys for couples, etc.  back to top

  • Can we touch all the products?
    YES... this is the main reason for having a sex toy home party demonstration. You will be able to hold, squeeze, bend (if it can), smell, and for some products...taste. This is absolutely important, so that you can compare different products and decide which product is best for you and/or your partner.  back to top

  • How do we pay for our products?
    Sensual Sizzles accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards. At our home parties, we will also accept cash.  back to top

  • Will I be able to take home my purchases from the party?
    Sometimes we will have the product that you wish in stock at the party, and you are more than welcome to bring it home with you from the party. However, since we usually bring approximately 100 different sensual products, we may not have extra of what you purchase. Most orders will be delivered within 1 week.  back to top

  • Can I invite men to my party?
    Of course! It is your party to invite who you wish. Our company does gal parties, couple parties, men's parties... whichever you prefer. Everyone is welcome.   back to top

  • How many people should attend my home party?
    That totally depends on your friends, co-workers or whomever you invite. Will they all be comfortable with eachother? In general, parties need at least 8 people, and up to 20. Again, if you have a bunch of friends who are all for it, then you may invite more. Just like when hosting ANY party, you want to make sure that your guests are comfortable and having a fabulous time, so be aware of who you are inviting and ask yourself (or them) if they will be comfortable with a large crowd. If not, you may certainly have 2 or more parties with different groups of friends and co-workers, with 8-12 guests at each party.  back to top

  • Is there a fee (charge) to host a party?
    No, we do not charge you to host a party. We ask that you invite as many people as you can, so that the party can be a minimum of 8 people, but it is up to each of our individual Sensual Sizzlers to decide if they wish to do a small party  back to top

  • Will I feel pressured to buy something from the party?
    NO, No, NO. One of our most important rules at Sensual Sizzles is "No pressure". First of all, sex toys sell themselves... they do not need a pushy salesperson doing that for them. Secondly, we believe that if we explain the products to you, you are mature enough and smart enough to make your own decisions if you want to buy now. Plenty of guests may be overwhelmed with the information provided at one of our Sensual Sizzles Parties, they may want to take a day or two to decide between a few products... or they may want to dicuss things with their partner. Our website is open 24/7... so you may place your order whenever you are ready  back to top

  • Are we able to have alcohol at our home party?
    Yes, of course you may have alcohol, but we caution you to drink responsibly as we will be doing purchases at the end of the party, and we will not make any orders for someone who is intoxicated, as we don't want anyone to feel as they were taken advantage of.   back to top

  • Where do our orders get delivered?
    The purchases from the party are shipped to the party host/hostess, and they will be in contact with their guests for them to either pick up their items from the host/hostess or have them delivered  back to top

  • Are there shipping charges for my purchases?
    Yes, there is a flat fee of $2.00 per person at the home party. This will pay for the shipping of all products to your host/hostess' home. However, if you wish to have your order sent directly to your home, you will have a charge of $10.  back to top

  • Can I have my order sent to myself instead of the party hostess?
    Of course, just let the party hostess and your Sensual Sizzler know that you would like your order sent to your address. The charge is $10.00  back to top

  • What if a friend can't make it to the party? Can they still order?
    Absolutely. They can visit us online, look through the products and let you know what they would like.  back to top

  • Are orders kept confidential?
    Yes, absolutely. Once your order has been placed, your Sensual Sizzler will add up all the orders, then place their order through to Head Office. Once your products have arrived, they are wrapped discreetly and shipped to your party hostess. The hostess will see your wrapped package with your name on it... that is it. If you really are not comfortable with your items being sent to your party hostess, or if they live far from you, you may wish to have your items delivered directly to your home for the price of $10.00  back to top

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