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Home Sex Toy Parties 

Having an adult home party is a fun and exciting way to learn about new sex toys, spend a night with some friends and in general, have a whopping of a good time.

We will come to your home within the Montreal and surrounding areas, and bring our most popular items. We will bring between 100-200 products (depending on the size of your home and the amount of guests), ranging from  lubes to lotions to vibrators,dildos, bdsm toys and strap ons.  If you have something particular in mind, please let us know beforehand, so we can come prepared.


**What do Sensual Sizzles home parties offer you that you do not receive at adult online boutiques and adult stores?**

  • Privacy:  our Sensual Sizzlers conduct the home parties in the privacy of your home
  • Time:  Each home party lasts 2-3 hours...plenty of time for any and all questions
  • Knowledge:  Each Sensual Sizzler is extensively trained about all product knowledge...and yes, even where all the hot spots are, on the male and female bodies
  • Fun:  A fun evening with friends, co-workers, etc. where you get to just be "you"
  • Free Products:  In relation to the home party sales, the host/hostess will receive free products (up to $100), and coupon discounts
  • Taste: All of our sensual products brought to the home parties are "testers", so that each and every guest can smell, taste and feel our lubricants, massage products, etc.
  • Feel: Every toy at Sensual Sizzles home parties are ready to go.  You can turn the vibrators on to see how strong the vibrations are and/or how quiet the toy is.  All dildos, anal toys, kegel tools, floggers, etc. are available for the party guests to handle
  • Discreet Ordering:  If the party guests' wish to order privately, they can.  Some guests will want their purchases to stay private, and that is their right to do so.

You may certainly invite whomever you wish.  There are companies out there who only do parties for women, but to us that is a complete waste.  We want to know what our men are thinking, what they are interested in... and what they are willing to try.  So, if they are brave enough to try it out, why don't you have a couples party?

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